Table 3

Adjusted* comparisons of symptoms, self-reported diagnoses and spirometric abnormalities among participants to US adult population

Observed (n)Expected (n)PR95% CI
Symptom or diagnosis
 Sinusitis172136.01.31.1 to 1.5
 Nasal symptoms163207.30.80.7 to 0.9
 Shortness of breath8165.91.21.0 to 1.5
 Wheeze8258.11.41.1 to 1.8
 Usual phlegm5625.52.21.7 to 2.8
 Usual cough2628.10.90.6 to 1.4
 Asthma, ever4428.41.51.2 to 2.1
 Asthma, current2817.71.61.1 to 2.3
 Chronic bronchitis, ever1018.40.50.3 to 1.0
Spirometric abnormality
 Obstruction1312.61.00.6 to 1.8
 Restrictive pattern1525.40.60.4 to 1.0
 Obstruction and mixed pattern1518.70.80.5 to 1.3
  • Statistically significant prevalence ratios and CIs are in bold.

  • *Adjusted for race, sex, age and smoking status.

  • PR, prevalence ratio.