Table 4

HRs for mortality due to lung cancer mortality (568 deaths) estimated in Cox proportional hazards models controlling for age at study entry, race and year of birth, and other covariates as listed

Single-exposure modelsDual-exposure model
VariablesB coeff.HR (95% CI)B coeff.HR* (95% CI)B coeff.HR (95% CI)
Cumulative exposures (mg/m3-years)
 Coal mine dust (log)*,†0.12711.70 (1.02 to 2.83)0.12901.71 (1.03 to 2.85)
 Respirable silica†0.01911.05 (0.90 to 1.23)−0.00280.99 (0.84 to 1.18)
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