Table 4

Logistic regression analysis of sarcoidosis in men typed on Glu69 (N=1066)*

SarcoidosisAll referentsOR**95% CI
NPer centNPer cent
Smoking (cigarettes year)
 1<2508522.513719.90.760.55 to 1.07
 250<500287.49814.20.420.26 to 0.67
 ≥500266.914921.60.250.15 to 0.41
 Black82.120.37.771.58 to 38.20
First degree relative with sarcoidosis
 Yes236.140.611.043.68 to 33.17
High school completed
 Yes30681.248370.11.280.92 to 1.79
 Age at diagnosis3776890.990.98 to 1.00
≥10 years beryllium
 Yes174.5416.00.380.13 to 1.12
Glu69 positive
 Yes14939.528040.60.880.67 to 1.16
≥10 years beryllium and Glu69 positive
 Yes133.4162.34.511.16 to 17.48
  • *Four men with missing smoking quantity. **Adjusted for all factors in table 4.