Table 1

Symptoms and symptom categories included in the study

Symptom as described in diaryShortened nameCategory
Sensation of dizziness or vertigoVertigoSMF target—core
NauseaNauseaSMF target—core
Tinnitus/sensation of head ringingHead ringingSMF target—core
Seeing light spots or light flashesMagnetophosphenesSMF target—core
Metallic tasteMetallic tasteSMF target—core
HeadacheHeadacheSMF target
Tiredness or sleepinessTirednessSMF target
Concentration problemsConcentration problemsSMF target
VomitingVomitingSMF target
Feeling of instability when standing, walking or movingInstabilitySMF target
Feeling lightheaded or weightlessLightheadednessSMF target
Blurred or double visionBlurred visionSMF target
A strange smell sensationStrange smellSMF target
Tingling sensation in the bodyTinglingSGF target
Involuntary muscle contractionsMuscle contractionsSGF target
Seeing black spots or having a temporary loss of visionBlack spotsA priori unrelated
Itchy, watery or red eyesIrritated eyesA priori unrelated
Sensation of glowing, burning or irritated skinIrritated skinA priori unrelated
Suddenly feeling warm or hot, hot flashesHot flashesA priori unrelated
EaracheEaracheA priori unrelated
PalpitationPalpitationA priori unrelated
  • SGF, switched gradient field; SMF, static magnetic field.