Table 4

Adjusted* ORs for scanner category in the ‘symptom-reporting’ class

SMF target symptomsSMF target—core symptomsA priori unrelated symptoms
Scanner categoryOR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI
Unexposed (reference)111
1.5 T closed bore†1.881.07–3.312.410.72–8.130.750.17–3.34
3.0 T closed bore‡2.141.13–4.034.921.21–19.970.280.05–1.62
7.0 T closed bore§4.171.30–13.3566.826.39–698.97n.a.n.a.
<1.5 T various types¶1.470.59–3.640.840.14–5.191.530.25–9.41
>4.7 T small bore**0.720.27–1.94n.a.n.a.17.700.04–7379.05
  • *Adjusted for gender, age (18–27, 28–40, 40–65 years), workload, use of solvents and alcohol consumption during previous 24 h.

  • †Includes all large-bore cylindrical systems of 1.5 Tesla.

  • ‡Includes all large-bore cylindrical systems of 3.0 Tesla.

  • §Includes all large-bore cylindrical systems of 7.0 Tesla.

  • ¶Includes extremity scanners, upright scanners and open (ie, transversal field) scanners up to 1.5 Tesla and large-bore cylindrical systems below 1.5 Tesla.

  • **Includes small-bore cylindrical animal scanners with field strengths between 4.7 and 11.7 Tesla.

  • SMF, static magnetic field; T, Tesla.