Table 3

Effects of changes in long-term air pollution (annual average) concentrations on changes in FeNO levels adjusted for changes in short-term concentrations

PollutantDifference* (95% CI)
NO22.29 (0.36 to 4.21)†
PM2.54.94 (1.44 to 8.47)‡
PM100.14 (−2.01 to 2.28)
O30.74 (−4.47 to 3.01)
  • *Results are scaled to the IQR values of 1.8 ppb (NO2), 2.4 μg/m3 (PM2.5), 3.4 μg/m3 (PM10) and 2.1 ppb (O3) of changes in annual average pollution levels between the 2 years of study. Estimates are adjusted for short-term effects of the same air pollutant for years 5 and 6 of the study. Models are also adjusted for changes (or interactions with changes in age for time-independent covariates) in community, race/ethnicity, sex, asthma, asthma medication use, history of respiratory allergy, age, day of FeNO collection and season.

  • †p<0.05.

  • ‡p<0.01.