Table 2

Descriptive statistics and Spearman's correlations for air pollution and temperature (T)

LRT (µg/m3)1304.5 (±3.4)−0.540.070.860.600.30−0.11
TRAF (µg/m3)1300.6 (±0.4)−−0.41
BIOM (µg/m3)1301.6 (±1.5)−−0.15
SALT (µg/m3)1300.1 (±0.2)−0.38−0.22−0.12−0.02
IND (µg/m3)1301.0 (±1.0)−0.41
PM2.5 (µg/m3)1608.1 (±5.0)4.56.810.027.60.820.40−0.19
ABS (m−1×10−5)1311.5 (±0.9)−0.23
PNC (cm−3)1556300 (±5100)31004599793729 332−0.42
T (°C)160−4.3 (±6.1)−7.6−
  • ABS, absorption coefficient; BIOM, biomass combustion; IND, pulp industry; LRT, regional and long-range transport; PM2.5, particles <2.5 µm in aerodynamic diameter; PNC, particle number concentration; SALT, sea salt; TRAF, traffic emissions.