Table 5

Ambulatory blood pressure means according to combined active and ERI exposure (GEE, standard model)

NSystolic ABP (mm Hg)Diastolic ABP (mm Hg)
Crude meanAdjusted mean†Adjusted mean‡Crude meanAdjusted mean†Adjusted mean‡
 ERI exposure only389+1.67*+1.62*+1.45*+1.51*+1.38*+1.28*
 Active exposure only477+2.11*+2.00*+1.52*+1.37*+1.23*+1.01*
 Combined exposure323+2.79*+2.66*+2.15*+2.10*+1.91*+1.66*
 ERI exposure only681+1.95*+1.71*+1.35*+1.63*+1.51*+1.39*
 Active exposure only533+0.69+0.76+0.78+0.46+0.35+0.26
 Combined exposure377+2.91*+2.58*+2.29*+2.17*+1.89*+1.59*
  • *Stand for p value <0.05.

  • Exploratory (post hoc) analyses.

  • †Adjusted for age, education and family history of CVD.

  • ‡Additionally adjusted for smoking, BMI, sedentary behaviour and alcohol intake.

  • Unexposed: neither ERI nor active present; Combined exposure: both ERI and active exposure present.

  • ABP, ambulatory blood pressure; BMI, body mass index; CVD, cardiovascular disease; ERI, effort-reward imbalance; GEE, generalised estimating equations.