Table 1

Health impact assessment for the effect of intensity of lifting (upper panels of the table) and frequency of lifting (lower panels of the figure)

Observed incidence (%)Extra incidence (%) due to lifting
Lower CIPooled estimateHigher CILower CIPooled estimateHigher CI
Lifting intensity
Incidence lowest value8.739.7211.0812.60Incidence lowest value8.731.002.353.87
Incidence pooled estimate18.4220.2722.7325.40Incidence pooled estimate18.421.864.326.98
Incidence highest value20.7722.8025.4728.34Incidence highest value20.772.034.707.57
Lifting frequency
Incidence lowest value8.739.3610.6212.04Incidence lowest value8.730.631.903.31
Incidence pooled estimate18.4219.6021.9124.42Incidence pooled estimate18.421.193.506.00
Incidence highest value20.7722.0724.5927.29Incidence highest value20.771.303.826.52
  • Based on pooled OR and incidences, observed incidence associated with lifting more than 25 kg and more than 25 lifts per day are shown (left panels). Furthermore, the expected extra incidence in LBP of workers with such lifting activities as compared to those not being exposed to lifting is shown (right panels).

  • LBP, low back pain.