Table 2

The most frequent body part–nature of injury combinations of all injuries, emergency department (ED) injuries only (A), and ED and/or reported injuries (B+C), sorted by decreasing proportional order of reported injury (last column) and separated in three sub-groups representing a high, medium or low reporting proportion

AllOnly ED injuriesED and/or reported injuries
Body partNature of injuryNN(A)(%)N(B+C)(%)
High reporting proportion
 Arms incl. handsMiscellaneous injuries*517132.550497.5
 Head/neckMiscellaneous injuries*989303.095997.0
 Body incl. multiple injuriesSprains†57942213.8557396.2
 Arms incl. handsSoft tissue injuries73213418.359881.7
 Legs incl. feetSoft tissue injuries60711519.049281.1
 Body incl. multiple injuriesSoft tissue injuries51111522.539677.5
 Arms incl. handsSprains281873125.9208774.0
Medium reporting proportion
 Legs incl. feetAmputations or fractures102635334.467365.6
 Arms incl. handsAmputations or fractures202575937.5126662.5
 Legs incl. feetSprains4616185540.2276159.8
 Miscellaneous body partsAmputations or fractures65732449.333350.6
 Arms incl. handsSuperficial cauterisation or burns49524549.525050.5
 Body incl. multiple injuriesSuperficial lacerations or wounds97758459.839340.2
 EyesSuperficial lacerations or wounds46630064.416635.7
Low reporting proportion
 Arms incl. handsSuperficial lacerations or wounds12 679859867.8408132.2
 Legs incl. feetSuperficial lacerations or wounds3273223368.2104031.8
 Head/neckSuperficial lacerations or wounds2146154772.159927.8
 Unknown or miscellaneousMiscellaneous injuries‡3831297877.785322.3
 EyesSoft tissue injuries107986380.021620.0
 EyesSuperficial cauterisation or burns59049083.110016.9
 EyesForeign body2436212987.430712.6
Subtotal48 26424 61751.023 64749.0
Miscellaneous injuries137747234.390565.7
Total injuries49 64125 08924 552
  • *Different types of unspecified sprains.

  • †Mainly low back pain, lifting strain injury etc.

  • ‡Observation without treatment, and external exposure; for example, electric shock.