TableĀ 1

Occupational groups included in the CUPID study

CountryOccupational groupResponse rate (%)Number of participants analysed
Brazil (BR)Nurses96184
Office workers97278
Other workers (sugarcane cutters)6193
Ecuador (EC)Nurses99219
Office workers100243
Other workers (flower plantation)99227
Colombia (CO)Office workers8992
Costa Rica (CR)Nurses91220
Office workers91223
Other workers (telephone call centre)94205
Nicaragua (NI)Nurses100282
Office workers100285
Other workers (machine operators)100197
UK (UK)Nurses42256
Office workers45380
Other workers (mail sorters)28386
Spain (SP)Nurses96667
Office workers98438
Italy (IT)Nurses76536
Other workers (assembly line)52136
Greece (GR)Nurses93224
Office workers99199
Other workers (postal clerks)91140
Estonia (EE)Nurses48370
Office workers53202
Lebanon (LB)Nurses96184
Office workers86172
Other workers (food production)98137
Iran (IR)Nurses94246
Office workers88182
Pakistan (PK)Nurses94187
Office workers100180
Other workers (mail sorters)96222
Sri Lanka (LK)Nurses95236
Office workers63152
Other workers-1 (mail sorters)100250
Other workers-2 (sewing machinists)86151
Japan (JP)Nurses76592
Office workers81310
Other workers-1 (transportation operatives)861017
Other workers-2 (sales workers)98355
South Africa (SA)Nurses90247
Office workers83229
Australia (AU)Nurses39250
New Zealand (NZ)Nurses70177
Office workers52145
Other workers (mail sorters)50113
  • CUPID, Cultural and Psychosocial Influences on Disability.