Table 3

Main factors associated with the intake of psychoactive substances by truck drivers

Factors associatedOutcome
AlcoholAmphetaminePsycho-stimulant drugs
Personal characteristics
 Younger ageSakurai et al23*Knauth et al39
Leyton et al36
 Alcohol consumptionKnauth et al39
 Current smokerSakurai et al23*
 Lower mean values of body mass indexSakurai et al23*
 Overweight and obesityDomingos et al28
 Hypertension and use of antihypertensive medicationSakurai et al23*
 Sleep-disordered breathingSakurai et al23*
 Catholic religionDomingos et al21
 Foreign nationalityGjerde et al35
Job characteristics
 Road accidentsNascimento et al5
 Longer time in the occupationNascimento et al5
 Less experienced driverWilliamson25
 Longer tripsKnauth et al39
 Night-time travelNascimento et al5
 Fewer hours of restNascimento et al5
 Higher incomeKnauth et al39
 Salary on a piece-rate patternWilliamson25
 Salary less than the award rateWilliamson25
 Drivers employed by small or medium sized companiesWilliamson25
 Contraproductive behaviourGuinn11
  • *Adjustment variables: age, smoking and place of collection.

  • †Adjusted for socio-demographic characteristics and religion.