Table 1

Inclusion and exclusion criteria

Inclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
PopulationWorking population, age ≥ 17yearsAge <17 years, unemployed subjects, students
ExposurePsycho-social work environment characteristics: stress, mental load, work load, effort, reward, shift work, time pressure, job insecurity, institutional changes like downsizing or merger, social support/mobbing, bullying, leadership style, climate and work-related justiceChemical (eg, solvents, lead, manganese) or physical factors (eg, noise, electromagnetic fields), physical requirements of the job and stressors not related to the work environment (eg, family caregiving)
OutcomeLong-term cognitive (dis)abilities:
measured in terms of errors, injuries, processing speed, alertness, distraction, memory, testing of intellectual skills (eg, intelligence); dementia and Alzheimer's disease
Short-term effects
Other mental disorders, biochemical brain changes not directly related to cognition and cognitive characteristics that are not related to ability or functional efficiency (ie, job satisfaction)
DesignObservational studies: cohort, case–control
Field experiments: randomised controlled trials
All others including any kind of laboratory study and reviews
Publication typeArticles in journalsBooks, book chapters, book reviews, comments, corrections, editorials, introductions, forewords, letters, replies and dissertations