Table 2

Description of the collected data

nsubj (%) Total=331nobs (%) Total=633
Job title
 Radiographer, radiography student or intern*197(60)418(66)
 Scientific staff or research student101(31)172(27)
 Clinical staff19(6)21(3)
 Technical staff10(3)17(3)
Scanner category†
 1.5 T closed bore‡142(43)259(38)
 3.0 T closed bore§89(27)131(19)
 7.0 T closed bore¶25(8)31(5)
 Various scanner types up to 1.5 T**34(10)49(7)
 Small-bore animal scanners >4.7 T††34(10)57(8)
Reported workload level†
Used disinfectants or solvents during work†
Consumed alcohol during 24 h prior to shift†
  • *This group includes 68 observations obtained from 67 CT radiographers and CT radiography interns. The remaining observations are from MRI radiographers, students and interns.

  • †Due to multiple observations per subject, a subject can appear in more than one category. Therefore, the sum might exceed 100%. This also applies to the number of shifts per scanner category, since within a shift a subject could have worked with more than one type of scanner.

  • ‡Includes all large-bore cylindrical systems of 1.5 Tesla.

  • §Includes all large-bore cylindrical systems of 3.0 Tesla.

  • ¶Includes all large-bore cylindrical systems of 7.0 Tesla.

  • **Includes extremity scanners, upright scanners and open (ie, transversal field) scanners up to 1.5 Tesla and large-bore cylindrical systems below 1.5 Tesla.

  • ††Includes small-bore cylindrical animal scanners with field strengths between 4.7 and 11.7 Tesla.

  • Nsubj, number of subjects; Nobs, number of observations; T, Tesla.