Table 1

Summary of interventions and events expected to impact on work-related SLRD investigated using SWORD data

IDInterventionKey datesGroups compared
1HSE inspection pack: Control of isocyanate exposure in MVR bodyshops; includes SHADS
Introduction of a WEL for isocyanates
2004–2007Causal agent: spray paint/other agents
Employed in MVR/other sectors
Employed in motor vehicle manufacture/other sectors
2Introduction of a MEL for flourApril 2001Causal agent: flour or baking enzymes/other agents
Introduction of a WEL for flourApril 2005Employed in food industry; causal agent: flour or baking enzymes/other agents
HSE inspection pack: Craft bakeries: exposure to flour dust and enzymes in improvers; includes training of Local Authority inspectors2006–2008Attributed to flour in bakers; retail baker/industrial baker
3HSE Inspection pack; Controlling inhalation exposure to metalworking fluids2005–2006Causal agent: metalworking fluid/other agents
Removal of MEL (not replaced with WEL) for metalworking fluids
4Introduction of MEL for rosin-based solder flux fumeMarch 1999Causal agent: solder/other agents
Introduction of a WEL for rosin-based solder flux fumeApril 2005
HSE Inspection pack: Controlling inhalation exposure to rosin based solder fume2007–2008
5HSE Inspection pack: Wood dust: Controlling inhalation exposure; includes SHADS2002–2007Causal agent: wood dust/other agents
Introduction of a WEL for wood dust
  • HSE, UK Health and Safety Executive; ID, identification number links to text and results in table 2; MEL, maximum exposure limit; SHADS, Safety and Health Awareness Days; WEL, workplace exposure limit.