Table 3

Logistic regression and adjusted OR in solely ED injuries (A) compared to all reported injuries (C+B), stratified into five industrial settings (OR for sex adjusted for age and type of injury etc, N=number of injuries)

Only ED injuries versus all reported injuries
SexAgeType of injury
NORadj95% CINORadj95% CINORadj95% CI
Health and social services sectors
 Female12061Age 15–294541Sprains2481
 Male4914..32.2 to 8.3Age 30–394180.70.6 to 0.9Soft tissue injuries853.12.4 to 4.2
  Age 40–808250.60.5 to 0.7Amputations or fractures793.62.7 to 4.9
  Miscellaneous4144.13.4 to 4.9
  Wounds, cauterisation or burns87113.411.3 to 15.9
Construction, agriculture, transport sectors
 Female7461Age 15–2934871Sprains9861
 Male79070..90.6 to 1.3Age 30–3922750.60.5 to 0.7Amputations or fractures5761.81.6 to 2.1
 Age 40–8028910.30.3 to 0.4Soft tissue injuries5612.52.1 to 2.9
 Miscellaneous18593.63.2 to 4.0
 Wounds, cauterisation or burns46715.95.4 to 6.5
Industrial manufactures
 Female6831Age 15–2920531Sprains4581
 Male58971.00.6 to 1.5Age 30–3919370.60.5 to 0.7Amputations or fractures3102,01.7 to 2.4
 Age 40–8025900.40.3 to 0.6Soft tissue injuries3762.11.8 to 2.5
 Wounds, cauterisation or burns37255.14.5 to 5.7
 Miscellaneous171110.28.9 to 11.6
Office, education, retail sectors
 Female26261Age 15–2933991Sprains9261
 Male47141.20.9 to 1.6Age 30–3917740.60.5 to 0.6Amputations or fractures3811.51.3 to 1.8
 Age 40–8021670.30.2 to 0.3Soft tissue injuries3161.91.6 to 2.2
 Miscellaneous12012.01.8 to 2.2
 Wounds, cauterisation or burns45168.77.9 to 9.7
Miscellaneous sectors
 Female2421Age 15–292391Sprains1921
 Male5771.60.8 to 3.3Age 30–392311.20.9 to 1.5Soft tissue injuries250.60.4 to 0.9
 Age 40–803490.80.6 to 1.2Miscellaneous1501.30.9 to 1.6
 Amputations or fractures901.71.2 to 2.3
 Wounds, cauterisation or burns3622.42.0 to 3.0
  • ED, emergency department.