Table 1

Respiratory health characteristics of the study population (n=7104)

Smoking status
New onset asthma*00.03555.0
 Current asthma attacks00.0981.4
 Current asthma medication00.0811.2
 Nocturnal attacks of shortness of breath00.02543.6
Parental asthma69610.5NANA
Bronchial hyper-responsiveness (BHR)4317.84409.7
New onset asthma combined with positive BHR†NANA561.4
Positive IgE to Cladosporium herbarum (mould)1712.9410.7
Prick test positivity to Altenaria alternata (mould)5018.5NANA
Positive IgE to house dust mite (der p1)83914.275613.6
Positive IgE to cat or timothy grass4096.93736.7
No sensitisation‡434973.8416175.0
  • *Current asthma attacks (last 12 months), current asthma medication or nocturnal attacks of shortness of breath (last 12 months).

  • †Having both new onset asthma and BHR.

  • ‡A positive IgE refers to a specific IgE>0.35 kU/ml to any of cat, timothy grass, house dust mites or moulds.

  • ECRHS, European Community Respiratory Health Survey; NA, not available.