Table 5

New onset of asthma in relation to observed dampness, moulds and window condensation

AsthmaAsthma and BHR
ECRHS II(n=2484)(n=1557)
Exposed (%)Adjusted RR*95% CIPAF (%)Adjusted RR*95% CIPAF (%)
Any damp spots18.31.49(1.00 to 2.22)8.201.88(0.84 to 4.22)14.40
Damp spots in bedroom7.01.63(0.95 to 2.78)4.102.57(0.91 to 7.27)8.70
Damp spots in living room5.80.98(0.46 to 2.07)NANA
Damp spots in bathroom9.81.21(0.72 to 2.03)2.211.62(0.61 to 4.30)6.93
Any visible mould13.61.15(0.71 to 1.85)1.901.74(0.68 to 4.45)9.50
Visible mould in bedroom4.91.56(0.83 to 2.92)2.802.51(0.61 to 10.40)6.40
Mould spots in living room2.90.99(0.37 to 2.65)0.97(0.12 to 7.56)
Mould spots in bathroom9.20.79(0.41 to 1.51)1.14(0.34 to 3.86)1.09
Reported window condensation in winter in any room32.71.07(0.75 to 1.53)2.001.43(0.67 to 3.07)13.20
  • *Adjusted for age, sex, smoking status and centre.

  • BHR, bronchial hyper-responsiveness; ECRHS, European Community Respiratory Health Survey; NA, not available; PAF, population attributable fraction, RR, relative risks; NA, not available because to small numbers for statistical calculations.