Table 3

New onset of asthma in relation to self-reported dampness and moulds at baseline and at baseline or follow-up (ever vs never exposed)

AsthmaAsthma and BHR
Exposed (%)Adjusted RR*95% CIPAF (%)Adjusted RR*95% CIPAF (%)
Exposed at baseline (ECRHS I)
 Water damage in last 12 months11.31.46(1.09 to 1.94)4.81.48(0.71 to 3.07)5.7
 Mould in last 12 months18.61.30(1.00 to 1.68)5.11.16(0.61 to 2.22)3.0
 Mould in bedroom (ever)11.41.08(0.79 to 1.48)1.00.97(0.43 to 2.16)
 Mould in living room (ever)6.11.34(0.91 to 1.97)2.01.50(0.61 to 3.69)2.7
Ever exposed (ECRHS I and/or ECRHS II) versus never exposed
 Water damage in last 12 months19.11.29(1.00 to 1.66)5.11.22(0.63 to 2.36)4.3
 Mould in the last 12 months28.91.36(1.08 to 1.70)10.31.23(0.70 to 2.19)7.9
 Mould in bedroom (ever)18.41.43(1.12 to 1.84)4.91.14(0.57 to 2.26)2.5
 Mould in living room (ever)10.01.48(1.10 to 2.01)3.42.24(1.15 to 4.36)8.0
 Damp spots, last 12 months†19.71.28(1.00 to 1.65)5.30.96(0.49 to 1.89)
  • *Adjusted for age, sex, smoking status and centre.

  • †Available only at ECRHS II.

  • BHR, bronchial hyper-responsiveness; ECRHS, European Community Respiratory Health Survey; PAF, population attributable fraction; RR, relative risks