Table 5

Risk of circulatory system disease mortality by exposure to different types* of uranium in the subcohort of 260 smoking workers

Annual exposure status (exposed vs unexposed)Natural uraniumReprocessed uranium
Type FType MType SType FType MType S
HR (95% CI)1.16 (0.45 to 2.99)1.85 (0.94 to 3.66)1.91 (0.92 to 3.98)2.83 (1.19 to 6.77)3.15 (1.15 to 8.68)4.78 (1.38 to 16.5)
No. of death cases3327161176
  • * Uranium compounds were classified in terms of absorption types (F-fast, M-moderate or S-slow solubility) according to the Human Respiratory Tract Model15 and to the specific workstations analytical studies.16 17

  • HRs and 95% CIs estimated using Cox regression models, stratified by sex and birth cohort, adjusted for four-class socioeconomic status and co-exposures to heat, shift work, trichloroethylene and solvents, coded as binary time-dependant variables. Analyses based on 42 observed deaths.