Table 2

Demographic and occupational characteristics among a cohort of workers employed at the AREVA NC Pierrelatte uranium processing plant

CharacteristicsN (%)
Number of employees2897 (100)
Number of female workers188 (6.5)
Number of person-years79 892 (100)
Number of deaths460 (15.9)
Number of deaths from circulatory system disease (ICD-10: I00–I99)111 (24.1)
Number of deaths from ischaemic heart disease (ICD-10: I20–I25)48 (10.4)
Number of deaths from cerebrovascular disease (ICD-10: I60–I69)31 (6.7)
Socioeconomic status at hiren (%)
 Managerial/professional269 (9.3)
 Skilled technical1596 (55.1)
 Manual and unskilled786 (27.1)
 Clerical246 (8.5)
Average age (years)Mean (SD)
 At recruitment29.7 (7.5)
 At entry into cohort32.3 (8.1)
 At study end point (31 December 2006)59.9 (15.1)
Length of time (years)Mean (SD)
 Employment20.6 (9.8)
 Follow-up27.6 (11.5)