Table 1

Classification of uranium compounds handled at the AREVA NC Pierrelatte plant

Characteristics of uranium compoundsDetails
 Type FUF6, UF4, UO2 (NO3)2, (UO4, nH2O)
 Type M(U2O7) (NH4)2, U3O8, UO2F2, UO3
 Type SUO2
Isotopic composition
 Natural uranium234U, 235U, 238U
 Reprocessed uranium232U, 233U, 234U, 235U, 236U, 237U, 238U, 237Np, 241Am, 238–241Pu
  • * The solubility of uranium compounds was determined in terms of absorption types (F-fast, M-moderate or S-slow solubility) according to the Human Respiratory Tract Model described in International Commission on Radiological Protection publication 6615 and to specific workstations analytical studies.16,17

  • The isotopic composition and relative abundance of each isotope being variable and rarely known precisely, only the most important isotopes from the point of view of contamination were reported.