Table 3

Distribution of exposed workers, person-years and number of observed deaths from circulatory system diseases by type of uranium compounds in the cohort AREVA NC Pierrelatte plant workers (1968–2006)

Type of uranium*Number of ever exposed workers, N (%)Person-years at riskNo. of all-CSD deathsNo. of IHD deathsNo. of CVD deathsCumulative exposure duration (years), mean (SD)
Natural uranium
 Type F2331 (81)61 01292402613.17 (8.53)
 Type M1879 (65)44 32969311910.82 (7.87)
 Type S1012 (35)21 6614121109.99 (8.63)
Reprocessed uranium
 Type F891 (31)14 17319588.21 (6.01)
 Type M691 (24)945010438.03 (5.80)
 Type S496 (17)76779437.75 (5.67)
  • * Uranium compounds were classified in terms of absorption types (F-fast, M-moderate or S-slow solubility) according to the Human Respiratory Tract Model described in International Commission on Radiological Protection publication 6615 and to specific workstations analytical studies.16 17

  • Number of deaths at the end of the study follow-up (31 December 2006) among workers ever exposed to at least a corresponding type of uranium compounds: CSD, circulatory system diseases; IHD, ischaemic heart diseases; CVD, cerebrovascular diseases.