Table 1

Overview of electrical injury datasets by country

CountryData received fromN, time periodJob coding schemeType of accidentComments
The NetherlandsDutch labour inspectorate224 electrical injuries, years 1998– Feb 2004Jobs and industry given as titles, coded into ISCO 88‘Contact with electricity’ recordedAccidents that get investigated by the Labour Inspectorate
GermanyDGUV Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung12193 electrical injuries, years 2005–2008ISCO 88Only injury or deaths of ‘electrical accidents at work’ are recordedBased on 6.7% of data of Berufsgenossenschaften and 10% of other accident insurance companies. Excludes self-employed and farmers
UKHSE, Health and Safety Executive, Merseyside, UK637 electrical injuries, years 2007–2009Coded in SOC 2000, recoded into ISCO 88‘Fatal’, ‘major injury’ or ‘over 3 day illness’ accidents, ‘electric shock’ in comment fieldIn cells of accidents with under three accidents, the number of accidents was not reported due to privacy regulation. 1.5 cases per cell were imputed. One-to-many codings from SOC 2000 to ISCO 88
SwitzerlandSUVA, Schweizerische Unfallversicherungsanstalt3074 electrical injuries, years 2003–2008ISCO 88Accident recorded as ‘being electrified’Based on 5% sample of all accidents. Excludes self-employed
AustriaÖsterreichische Unfallversicherung2150 electrical injuries, years 2005–2009ISCO 08, recoded into ISCO 88‘Electric disturbance’, with subcategories of direct/ indirect contact, fire, explosion or other electric disturbanceOne-to-many codings from ISCO08 to ISCO 88
  • All time periods refer to January to December of a given year, except for the Dutch dataset.