Table 3B

Estimated cumulative chlorinated solvent exposure (ppm-years) and risk of glioma, according to respondent status, excluding unexposed participants

Chlorinated solvents*Including proxy-only interviewsExcluding proxy-only interviews
CasesControlsOR†‡95% CICasesControlsOR†‡95% CI
Carbon tetrachloride18.345.726319.554.04420.970.90 to 1.0517.750.114119.053.74280.970.88 to 1.07
Chloroform30.173.827531.789.94580.980.91 to 1.0628.777.015330.889.14460.980.89 to 1.08
Methylene chloride78.9195.030471.8193.54900.960.89 to 1.0380.0222.216970.2192.24750.960.87 to 1.05
Tetrachloroethylene3.58.42993.18.35000.990.93 to to 1.10
Trichloroethane20.753.930420.660.25030.970.90 to 1.0421.158.617320.359.94910.960.88 to 1.05
Trichloroethylene85.9333.530298.9441.35151.020.95 to 1.1084.0304.316491.3424.54991.050.95 to 1.16
  • *For all six solvents, median and minimum estimated cumulative exposure are 0.

  • †Adjusted for frequency matching variables (age group, sex) and age and education.

  • ‡OR for a 1-unit increase in natural-log transformed exposures in ppm-years –10 was assigned to log (ppm-years) for those with 0 ppm-years.

  • §Number of participants estimated to have been exposed, among all participants.