Table 4

Glioma risk by glutathione S-transferase genotypes within occupational nonfarm chlorinated solvent exposure groups

GenotypeSolvent exposureNo solvent exposure
CasesControlsOR†95% CICasesControlsOR†95% CI
 GSTM3 *A*A11171170710.910.57 to 1.4511975142701.230.74 to 2.05
 GSTM3 *A*B or *B*B4629712940256030
 GSTP1- I105V only‡694398401.210.79 to 1.85684274351.480.93 to 2.34
 GSTP1-other genotypes§915714760945813765
 GSTT1-291833141.400.78 to 2.50261628131.100.59 to 2.07
 GSTT1+13082207860.720.40 to 1.2913484182870.910.48 to 1.71
  • †Adjusted for frequency matching variables (age group, sex) and age and education, within solvent exposure groups.

  • ‡One or two copies of the I105V Ile->Val SNP (rs1695) but no copy of the A114V Ala->Val SNP (rs1138272).

  • §Neither I105V nor A114V variant or with only A114V Ala->Val SNP.