Table 1

Summary of findings from four neurobehavioral tests: Symbol Digit, Digit Symbol, simple Reaction Time and Finger Tapping

StudySymbol Digit (N=7)Digit Symbol (N=3)Simple Reaction Time (N=6)Finger Tapping (N=4)
Abdel Rasoul et al, 200816+
Cole et al, 199750
Eckerman et al, 200717+
Farahat et al, 20037+
Kamel et al, 20039+
Rodnitzky et al, 1975180
Rohlman et al, 200712++0
Rohlman et al, 200111++0
Roldan-Tapia et al, 200514
Rothlein et al, 200613+
Stephens et al, 199519+
  • +, significantly poorer performance in exposed group; 0, no significant difference between control and exposed groups; −, non-significant trend observed with poorer performance in non-exposed group.