Table 2

Number of electrical injuries reported from accident registries

N electrical injuriesN (%) missing job codes or accidents in the general public*N accidents precise on 3-digit resolutionNumber of job codes with at least one accident% of electrical injuries of all occupational accidents‡
The Netherlands22422 (9.8%)201350.03
Germany12193676 (5.1%)11517690.31
UK†53770.5 (13.1%)495600.08
Switzerland3074623 (20.3%)2169290.16
Austria215036 (1.7%)2114751.0
  • *Students, pensioners, no occupation, etc; or coded as 9999.

  • †Cells with less than three accidents were suppressed and were imputed by us as 1.5, N of all accidents based on imputed number of accidents, therefore it differs from total number of accidents given in table 1.

  • ‡Percentage of electrical injury data of all national accident data (as reported by EUROSTAT, 1998–2007).