Table 1

Age-adjusted mean or prevalence of major CHD risk factors at baseline, by occupational class (N=2964 subjects CHD-free at baseline)

EGP classNAgeSystolic BP (mm Hg)Total chol (mg/dl)HDL-chol (mg/dl)Current cigarette smokers (%)Diabetes mellitus (%)Heavy drinkers* (%)Sport PAIPJD/DL ratio
Administrators and professionals51746.5132.9221.849.
Non-manual workers78343.7134.5219.550.331.93.916.92.510.44
Manual workers110848.4134.7218.751.242.76.930.42.280.61
p Value<0.00010.010.450.03<0.00010.08<0.0001<0.0001<0.0001
  • * Alcohol intake ≥50 g/day (four standard drinks).

  • Subset of currently employed subjects, free from CHD at baseline, with data on sport physical activity (N=1441).

  • Heterogeneity, Wald test p value.

  • BP, blood pressure; CHD, coronary heart disease; chol, cholesterol; DL, decision latitude; EGP, Erikson–Goldthorpe–Portocarero class scheme; HDL, high density lipoprotein; PAI, physical activity index; PJD, psychological job demand.