Table 3

Standardised mortality ratio (SMR) for specific sectors using female general population of city of Nanjing as reference, 1989–2000

ObservedExpectedSMR95% CI
All sectors184200.70.92(0.79 to 1.06)
 Cotton SWK7775.31.02(0.81 to 1.28)
 Silk SWK157.42.03(1.13 to 3.34)
 Wool SWK2022.50.89(0.54 to 1.37)
 Synthetic fibre SWK97.91.15(0.52 to 2.18)
 Mixed fibre SWK1220.60.58(0.30 to 1.02)
 Assembly and sewing99.20.98(0.45 to 1.86)
 Bleaching, dyeing, printing1413.81.01(0.55 to 1.70)
 Machine and manufacturing710.30.68(0.27 to 1.41)
 Combined1830.10.60(0.35 to 0.95)
 Other services33.80.79(0.16 to 2.32)
  • SWK, spinning, weaving and knitting.