Table 1

Comparisons between subjects in the control and screened groups

Control group (n=66)Screened group (n=20)
Sex (M/F)58 (87.9%)/8 (12.1%)18 (90%)/2 (10%)
Age (years)46.2±11.841.1±11.4
Atopy35 (53.0%)14 (70%)
Smoking habits (S/ES/NS)12/30/24 (18.1%/45.5%/36.4%)3/8/9 (15%/40%/45%)
Duration of exposure (years)14.3±13.512.9±12.4
Duration of exposure with symptoms (years)4.8±5.35.2±6.2
Type of diisocyanate (HDI/MDI/TDI/others)40/11/12/3 (61%/17%/18%/4%)18/0/2/0 (90%/0%/10%/0%)
Body shop workers33 (50%)15 (75%)
  • Atopy present if one or more skin reactions to a battery of 15 common inhalants by the prick method.

  • ES, ex-smoker; HDI, hexamethylene diisocyanate; MDI, diphenylmethane diisocyanate; NS, non-smoker; S, smoker; TDI, toluene diisocyanate.