Table 1

Comparisons of indirectly standardised admission ratios by industry for noise-only exposed workers

IndustryGenderObserved noPerson-yearsIndirectly standardised admission ratio95% CI
Glass and glass productsMen28355821.270.84 to 1.83
Women343721.180.24 to 3.46
Ceramic wareMen10146571.030.49 to 1.89
Women10104281.700.82 to 3.13
Cement, lime, plaster and plaster productsMen47416291.541.13 to 2.05
Women835973.231.40 to 6.37
Other non-metallic mineral productsMen28382881.030.69 to 1.49
Women273310.420.05 to 1.53
Basic iron and steelMen1201699521.060.88 to 1.26
Women641772.210.81 to 4.81
Basic precious and non-ferrous metalsMen38602280.970.69 to 1.33
Women128890.530.01 to 2.97
Cast metalsMen59465381.641.25 to 2.11
Women544451.570.51 to 3.68
Control group: noise-only exposed workersMen6971107033