Table 3

Number of cases* with severe arm–wrist–hand symptoms or severe neck–shoulder symptoms during follow-up

Body regionFollow-up instance
3-month (n=1781)6-month (n=1779)9-month (n=1761)12-month (n=1528)15-month (n=1436)18-month (n=1426)21-month (n=1411)24-month (n=1352)
Arm–wrist–hand54 (3.0)68 (3.8)78 (4.4)67 (4.4)57 (4.0)65 (4.6)58 (4.1)38 (2.8)
Neck–shoulder90 (5.1)124 (7.0)82 (4.7)135 (8.8)78 (5.4)82 (5.8)55 (3.9)60 (4.4)
  • * Case definition: transition within 3 months of no, irregular or ‘minor’ symptoms to regular or prolonged symptoms together with a pain intensity exceeding 6 on a Von Korff scale or medication use to control pain (absolute number of cases). The number of cases as a percentage of the total number of participants at a particular follow-up instance is shown in parentheses.

  • Subjects who responded at baseline and at 3-month follow-up.

  • Subjects who responded at baseline, at the particular follow-up instance and at the preceding follow-up instance.