Table 2

Baseline characteristics of participants and non-participants

Participants with no missing data during follow-upParticipants with missing data during follow-up*Non-participants
n%/mean (SD)n%/mean (SD)n%/mean (SD)
Mean company tenure (years)101012.5 (10.6)9379.9 (9.8)292610.9 (9.9)
Mean job contract (h/week)101034.5 (7.3)93733.9 (7.3)292634.3 (6.7)
Mean recorded duration of computer use at work (h/week)27212.4 (4.0)18911.8 (4.4)101711.0 (5.6)
Self-reported duration of computer use at work (h/day)
 0 to <41471512914
 4 to <64284235137
Individual characteristics
 Age (years)100641.4 (9.6)91538.9 (9.8)292639.6 (9.3)
 Female gender101343.493852.7292644.5
 Prevalent neck–shoulder symptoms in past 3 months101312.893817.2
 Prevalent arm–wrist–hand symptoms in past months10139.793811.4
 Disability owing to neck–shoulder symptoms in past year101326.193826.3
 Disability owing to arm–wrist–hand symptoms in past year101318.893821.2
  • * At least one complete outcome assessment missing during follow-up.

  • No data available.

  • n, number of subjects.