Table 2

Incremental contribution of non-DEHM search terms: numbers of abstracts not identified by the DEHM group† (and estimates of numbers potentially pertinent to occupational aetiology)

PubMed queryPubMed query translation
(automatic term mapping)
Proportion (%, n/N) of the abstracts retrieved by the search term (N) which were not retrieved by the DEHM group (n)Estimated proportion of potentially pertinent additional abstracts (%)§Estimated absolute numbers of potentially pertinent additional abstracts
occupational hazard[Text Word]occupational hazard[Text Word]32% (172/531)77132
industry[MeSH Terms] mortality [Subheading]‘industry’[MeSH Terms] AND ‘mortality’[Subheading]32% (508/1585)74376
occupational risk[Text Word]occupational risk[Text Word]21% (258/1207)73188
occupational group*[Text Word]From
occupational group[Text Word]
occupational groups[Text Word]
46% (764/1670)52397
work-relatedwork-related[All Fields]42% (2266/5407)461042
occupational air pollutants[MeSH Terms]‘air pollutants, occupational’[MeSH Terms]33% (2316/6942)451042
working environment[Text Word]working environment[Text Word]50% (647/1308)41265
at work[Text Word]at work[Text Word]68% (4521/6642)361628
work environment[Text Word]work environment[Text Word]55% (1547/2834)33511
occupations[MeSH Terms]occupations[MeSH Terms]78% (8247/10521)322639
work[MeSH Terms]work[MeSH Terms]76% (3519/4642)311091
workplace[All Fields]
OR workplacetraumacenter[All Fields]
50% (7621/15315)282134
WorkloadWorkload[MeSH Terms] OR workload[All Fields]90% (12351/13728)273335
occupation[All Fields]
occupationwise[All Fields]
46% (55339/119619)2513835
worke[All Fields]
workey[All Fields]
66% (59185/90267)2011837
work place*[Text Word]work place[Text Word] OR work placement[Text Word] OR work placements[Text Word] OR work places[Text Word]58% (685/1196)19130
work site*[Text Word]work site[Text Word] OR work sites[Text Word] OR work sitewide[Text Word]45% (340/758)1551
job*[Text Word]From
job[Text Word]
jobwatch[Text Word]
79% (24348/30715)143409
occupational groups[MeSH Terms]‘occupational groups’[MeSH Terms]94% (108099/115419)99729
employment‘employment’[MeSH Terms] OR ‘employment’[All Fields]83% (32187/38636)92897
worksite[All Fields]
worksitewide[All Fields]
39% (575/1469)634
industry‘industry’[MeSH Terms] OR ‘industry’[All Fields]86% (91082/105760)43643
  • In occupation* and worke*, the asterisk represents the PubMed truncation symbol. MeSH, Medical Subject Heading.

  • DEHM group: (occupational diseases OR occupational exposure OR occupational medicine OR occupational health) entered using the search field [MeSH Terms OR Text Word].

  • Calculated as: ((total number identified by the non-DEHM term)−(number also identified by the DEHM group))/(total number identified by the non-DEHM term).

  • § Estimates were based on reviews of 100 randomly sampled abstracts.

  • Calculated by multiplying the number of abstracts additionally identified (ie, n in column 2) by the estimated proportion of potentially pertinent additional abstracts (column 3).