Table 1

Cohort description and distribution of cases and risk sets by exposure level

PlantAll plants1. Reading, Pennsylvania2. Hazleton, Pennsylvania3. Elmore, Ohio
No of cases2932183045
No of non-cases514333375831223
Mean N in risk set2831.91971.8322.6537.4
Median value for mean exposure (μg/m3) among casesNo lag15.4225.001.4430.885
10-year lag15.1525.001.4430.972
Median value for cumulative exposure (μg/m3-days) among casesNo lag2843289539681654
10-year lag2583283236481449
Median value for maximum exposure (μg/m3) among casesNo lag25.0025.103.1502.170
10-year lag25.0025.003.1502.170
No of cases with potential asbestos exposure100 (34%)68 (31%)16 (53%)16 (36%)
No of cases who were professionals26 (9%)21 (10%)3 (10%)2 (4%)