Table 1

Model goodness of fit and association of lung cancer risk with indicators of cumulative exposure to asbestos fibres, estimated by Poisson regression with adjustment for age, sex, race, calendar time and birth cohort

Exposure indicator (f-y/ml)βSE (β)LRpAIC
PCM fibres0.001010.000280.03339.60.0022343.1
Total TEM fibres0.000050.000020.03107.60.0062345.1
TEM fibres ≥5 μm0.000390.000120.03128.50.0042344.2
TEM fibres <5 μm0.000060.000020.02977.40.0102345.3
  • AIC, Akaike Information Criterion (smaller values indicate better fit); β and SE, regression coefficient and associated standard error; ∆, change in lung cancer risk for increment in exposure equal to 1 IQR; LR, likelihood ratio test statistic (equivalent to χ2 with 1 degree of freedom) and associated p value; PCM, phase-contrast light miscroscopy; TEM, transmission electron microscopy.