Table 2

Land use regression model for NO2 in TRACHEA 1999–2000, based on 35 sites, used in both TRAPCA 1999–2000 and TRACHEA 2007

Adjusted R20.84
L1OCV R20.80
VariableParameter estimateSEp ValueVIF
Population in a 5000 m buffer0.000030770.000009100.00202.63
Traffic intensity on the nearest road0.00080900.0001535<0.00011.73
Region West*7.9312.1930.00112.36
Region Middle*7.1781.9540.00091.54
  • * Region North is the reference region.

  • TRACHEA, Traffic Related Air pollution and Children's respiratory HEalth and Allergies study; TRAPCA, Traffic Related Air Pollution and Children's Asthma study.