Table 1

Sample characteristics at baseline

Sample characteristicsMen (n=2439)Women (n=2222)
Group aged 40 years124351.0122455.1
Group aged 50 years119649.099844.9
Executive managers, leading managers81733.557425.8
Non-manual salaried employees63225.971332.1
Manual skilled and unskilled workers99040.693542.1
Heavy alcohol consumption60424.851123.0
High physical activity64526.538317.2
Non-mental health morbidity104943.0104647.1
Muscular-skeletal pain38315.747121.2
Living alone without children32313.225211.3
Partnership without children63726.160327.1
Living alone with children421.71617.3
Partnership with children143758.9120654.3
Low private life social conflicts1988.12049.2
Low private life social support24510.11908.6
Job tenure less than 1 year39416.224310.9
High quantitative demands64226.348922.0
High work pace102241.9101245.5
High emotional demands28211.641018.5
Low social support from colleagues106556.3116647.5
Low social support from superiors62474.481263.5
Low sense of community37915.525211.3
Low meaning of work1305.3934.2
High physical demands1857.61105.0
Low opportunity for development26911.026511.9
Low variation of work49220.246520.9