Table 1

Characteristics of pregnant women (n=6302) enrolled in a prospective prenatally recruited birth cohort, 2002–2006

Individual characteristics
 Age at enrolment in study
  <25 years106617%
  25–30 years169029%
  30–35 years253040%
  ≥35 years101616%
 Educational level
 Country of origin
  Surinam and Dutch Antilles65810%
  Morocco and Turkey75212%
  First child368958%
  Second child and higher261342%
 Smoker during mid-pregnancy82713%
 Alcohol use during mid-pregnancy204632%
Occupational characteristics
 Paid employment455672%
 Skill level
  Elementary education1343%
  Lower secondary education97522%
  Higher secondary education139731%
  Tertiary education128329%
  Academic education64315%
Outcome measures
 Live birth628299.7%
 Preterm birth
  <34 weeks781.2%
  <37 weeks3465.5%
 Birth weight (n=6201)
  <2500 g2855%
  2500–3000 g92615%
  3000–3500 g217535%
  3500+ g281745%
 Time to pregnancy (n=3719)
  ≤6 months279675%
  6–12 months53615%
  >12 months38710%