Table 1

Primary studies selected for meta-analysis

IDStudy populationStudy follow-up periodStudy designAverage exposure (mGy)Related studies (study ID)Cases*Effect size (ERR at 100 mGy)Reference
1Taiwan building residents exposed to Co60 source1983–2005Cohort incidence47.7None60.19 (90% CI 0.01 to 0.31)Hwang et al19
2Russian nuclear workers at Mayak1948–1997Cohort mortality810None660.10 (90% CI 0.05 to 0.21)Shilnikova et al20
3Techa River residents1950–1999Cohort mortality500None490.65 (95% CI 0.18 to 2.40)Krestinina et al21
4Chernobyl-Ukraine clean-up workers1986–2000Nested case–control incidence76.48320.27 (95% CI <0 to 1.35)Romanenko et al22
5US nuclear workers from four Department of Energy facilities and a nuclear shipyardHanford: 1944–1994; SRS: 1952–1994; ORNL: 1944–1990; LANL: 1943–1990; PNS: 1952–1996Nested case–control mortality30 mSv7, 11, 22, 231845a: 0.26 (95% CI −0.10 to 1.03); 5b: 0.10 (95% CI <0 to 0.65)Schubauer-Berigan et al23
6Rocketdyne workers1948–1999Cohort mortality14 mSvNone180.34 (95% CI −0.27 to 1.45)Boice et al24
7Pooled cohort of nuclear workers from 15 countries1943–1997§Pooled cohort mortality19 mSv5, 9, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 207a: 196 7b: 1047a: 0.19 (90: CI <0 to 0.71); 7b: 0.27 (90% CI <0 to 1.4)Cardis et al25
8Chernobyl clean-up workers from Russian Belarus, and Baltic countriesRussia: 1993–1998; Belarus: 1993–2000; Baltic countries 1990–1998Nested case–control incidence14.74190.50 (90% CI −0.38 to 5.70)Kesminiene et al26
9UK nuclear workers within the National Registry for Radiation Workers (NRRW)1955–2001Cohort mortality24.9 mSv71980.17 (90% CI 0.01 to 0.43)Muirhead et al27
10Karunagappally, India, environmentally exposed cohort1990–2005Cohort incidence161None200.37 (95% CI <0 to 33.68)Nair et al28
11US nuclear workers from the Savannah River Site (SRS)1952–2002Cohort mortality43.7 mSv5620.77 (90% CI 0.14 to 1.98)Richardson et al29
12French Atomic Energy Commission and Cogema workers1968–1994Cohort mortality16.9 mSv7203.10 (90% CI 0.40 to 11.44)Telle-Lamberton et al30
13US nuclear workers at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL)1949–1999Cohort mortality13.1 mSv7520.54 (95% CI −0.11 to 2.38)Schubauer-Berigan et al31
14Canadian commercial nuclear power workers1957–1994Cohort mortality13.5 mSv7, 16, 21185.25 (95% CI 0.02 to 29.10)Zablotska et al32
15US commercial nuclear power workers1979–1997Cohort mortality25.7 mSv7260.57 (95% CI −0.26 to 3.04)Howe et al33
16Workers in the Canadian National Dose Registry (CNDR)1951–1987Cohort mortality6.3 mSv7, 14, 21230.04 (90% CI −0.49 to 0.57)Ashmore et al34
17Korean nuclear workers1984–2004Cohort mortality6.1 mSv771.68 (90% CI −3.40 to 14.90)Ahn et al35
18US workers at the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons facility1957–1983Cohort mortality41.0 mSvNone6−0.72 (95% CI <0 to 4.20)Gilbert et al36
19Japanese nuclear workers1986–1997Cohort mortality12.0 mSv7600.00 (90% CI −1.00 to 1.00)Iwasaki et al37
20French National Electric Company workers1961–1994Cohort mortality5.6 mSv750.68 (90% CI −0.84 to 6.22)Rogel et al38
21Workers in the Canadian National Dose Registry (CNDR)1969–1988Cohort incidence6.6 mSv7, 14, 16450.27 (90% CI <0 to 1.88)Sont et al39
22Civilian workers at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard1952–1996Cohort mortality20.6 mSv5, 23341.09 (95% CI −0.09 to 3.88)Yiin et al40 Daniels et al41
23Civilian workers at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard1952–1996Nested case–control mortality23.2 mSv5, 22342.30 (95% CI 0.30 to 8.90)Kubale et al42
  • * Leukaemia case without CLL subtype.

  • 5a are results from the full cohort; 5b results exclude SRS.

  • 7a results are from the full cohort; 7b results exclude the US cohorts.

  • § Follow-up period shown varied among countries; period shown refers to all countries reporting.

  • Median value.