Table 3

Causes of death through 2004: SMRs and CIs based on US white male rates

95% Confidence limits
Cause of death (ICD-9 codes)ObservedExpectedSMRLowerUpper
All malignant neoplasms896795.
 Buccal cavity and pharynx2019.91.010.621.55
 Digestive organs and peritoneum218209.91.040.911.19
 Bronchus, trachea, lung359261.51.371.231.52
 Cancer of prostate6168.50.890.681.14
 Bladder and other urinary organs3423.81.430.992.00
 All lymphatic, haematopoietic tissue7378.80.930.731.16
 All other malignant neoplasms93105.10.880.711.08
Cerebrovascular disease217213.01.020.891.16
All heart disease12191372.40.890.840.94
Non-malignant respiratory disease377272.51.381.251.53
 Influenza and pneumonia7188.10.810.631.02
 Bronchitis, emphysema, asthma7781.60.940.751.18
 Other non-malignant respiratory disease174100.01.741.502.02
Diabetes mellitus6761.21.090.851.39
Cirrhosis of liver6377.30.820.631.04
Nephritis and nephrosis3434.40.990.681.38
All external causes of death264304.70.87*0.770.98
All other causes of death326410.70.790.710.89
  • ICD-9, 9th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases; SMR, standardised mortality ratio.

  • * Significant at the 5% level.

  • Significant at the 1% level.