Table 1

Study and patient characteristics

Author(s)Publication yearCountryDiagnosis isPatient characteristics*
Intervention groupControl group
Sample size, partition femaleAge (mean±SD, range)Sample size, partition femaleAge (mean±SD, range)
Capone et al281980USAPrimary malignancy of the female genital organs56, 100%NR§, 20–8041, 100%20–80
Maguire et al381983UKBreast cancer75, 100%NR77, 100%NR
Clark and Landis51989USABreast cancerNANANANA
Leitsmann et al371991GermanyPrimary malignancy of the female genital organs or breast cancer363, 100%NR, 18–60NANA
Zampini and Ostroff461993USAMixed714, 77%NR, 20–59NANA
Berglund et al25–271993SwedenMixed (mainly breast cancer 83%)30, 99%53.2±NR, NR30, 99%54.2±NR
1994a,bMixed (mainly breast cancer 80%)98, 96%52.5±NR, NR101, 97%53.9±NR
Rinehart421994USABreast cancerNANANANA
Sherer et al431997USAPrimary malignant brain tumour13, 38%34.3±10.0, 23–52NANA
Fismen et al31 322000, 2007NorwayBreast cancer50, 100%49.0±NR, 31–66NANA
Van Weert et al44 452004The NetherlandsMixed (mainly breast cancer 68%)37, 84%52.8±6.2, 43–67NANA
2005Mixed (mainly breast cancer 59%)81, 84%51.6±9.3, NRNANA
Cimprich et al302005USABreast cancer25, 100%48.0±8, 34–66NANA
Heim and Schwerte332006GermanyProstate cancerNANANANA
Korstjens et al352006The NetherlandsMixed (mainly breast cancer 54%)658, 78%50.6±9.5, 18–75NANA
Nieuwenhuijsen et al412006The NetherlandsMixed (mainly breast cancer 50%)26, 73%45.8±6.5, NRNANA
Meneses et al402007USABreast cancer129, 100%54.5±11.6, NRNANA
Høybye et al342008DenmarkMixed (mainly breast cancer 55%)2174, 84%55±NR, 35–76NANA
Korstjens et al362008The NetherlandsMixed (mainly breast cancer 57%)Group 1: 71, 80%49.9±11.3, NRNANA
Group 2: 76, 87%47.8±10.5, NRNANA
Chan et al292008USAMixed1201, 53%40.1±14.1, NRNANA
  • * Patient characteristics of the intervention group or control group at baseline before the start of the intervention, unless stated otherwise.

  • NA, not applicable because only intervention description.

  • NA, not applicable because no control group or no return-to-work outcome variables reported.

  • § NR, not recorded.

  • Mean age of the control+intervention group.