Table 1

Uniform job category (UJC) groups used for each exposure zone and examples of jobs grouped by UJC

UJCDescriptionPreparation: job examplesCarding: job examples
General area personnelWorkers in area but not assigned to a specific machine or processFixerFixer/oiler
Forklift operatorGrinder (scratchman)
Machine operatorsWorkers operating process machineryBlender operatorCard operator
Condenser reclaimCard tender
Stock opening operator (crusher)
Waste machine operator
Wheelabrator operator
Willow operator
Clean-up personnelMachine and general plant cleaningJanitor/sweeperJanitor/sweeper
Machine cleanerMachine cleaner
Raw fibre handlingManual handing of raw unspun fibre or fibre wastePackerRoving hauler
Stock hauler, stockerWinder/doffer
Stock packer or stockerStock hauler, stocker, mixer