Table 4

Job groups with largest excesses of work-related mortality: men aged 20–74 years,* England and Wales, 1991–2000

Job groupCause of death (ICD-9 code)1991–2000
Deaths observedDeaths expectedExcess deaths per year
Other coal minersChronic obstructive pulmonary disease (491, 492, 496)21251539.258.6
Coal workers' pneumoconiosis (500)42342.3
Other pneumoconiosis (503, 505)353.5
Other causes (502, E846–E848, E916, E919)206.11.4
Total work-related mortality26031545105.8
Publicans and bar staffOther alcohol related diseases (303, 305.0, 425.5, 535.3, 571.0–571.3, 860.0, 860.1)449186.026.3
Cirrhosis (not specified as biliary) (571.5)17072.09.8
Cancer of the oral cavity (141, 143, 144, 145)11035.37.5
Cancer of the larynx (161)10036.16.4
Cancer of the liver (155)12581.94.3
Cancer of the pharynx (146–148)6728.23.9
Total work-related mortality102143958.2
Lorry driversMotor vehicle traffic accidents (E810–E819)887506.638.0
Off-road motor vehicle traffic accidents (E820–E825)5215.73.6
Other causes (E884, E916, E918)6428.03.6
Total work-related mortality100355045.3
FarmersWork-related accidental deaths (E820–E825, E827–E828, E884, E885, E905–E906, E907, E916, E919, E920, E922, E925)17550.912.4
Allergic pneumonitis (495.0, 495.1, 495.3–495.9)341.03.3
Other cancer of skin (173)4029.21.1
Pesticide poisoning (E863) and poisoning by other gases (E869)71.60.5
Total work-related mortality2568317.3
Carpenters and joinersCancer of the pleura (163)19775.012.2
Other causes (158.8, 158.9, 160, 501, E881, E882)6434.03.0
Total work-related mortality26110915.2
Other construction workersCancer of the peritoneum (158.8, 158.9)529.24.3
Asbestosis (501)515.1
Cancer of the pleura (163)8453.53.0
Work-related accidental deaths (E881, E882, E883, E916, E919, E920, E923)7447.02.7
Total work-related mortality26111015.1
  • * Accidental deaths are for men aged 20–64 years.