Table 3

Excess mortality from occupational injuries and poisoning: men aged 20–64 years, England and Wales, 1979–2000

Cause of death (ICD-9 code)1979–80, 1982–19901991–2000
Deaths observedDeaths expectedExcess deaths per yearDeaths observedDeaths expectedExcess deaths per year
Railway accidents (E800–E807)1334.411.7251.42.4
Motor vehicle traffic accidents (E810–E819)23431540.373.016471027.561.9
Off-road motor vehicle traffic accidents (E820–E825)19075.810.411843.17.5
Animal transport accidents (E827–E828)142.41.1141.11.3
Water transport accidents (E830–E838)1648.014.2502.24.8
Air transport accidents (E840–E845)1166.99.9552.35.3
Other vehicle accidents (E846–E848)553.44.710.10.1
Pesticide poisoning (E863)40.20.340.30.4
Poisoning by motor vehicle exhaust (E868.2)104.20.532.00.1
Poisoning by other gases (E869)
Fall from ladder or scaffolding (E881)31592.820.213754.28.3
Fall from building (E882)413137.925.016369.99.3
Fall into a hole (E883)216.11.462.40.4
Other fall (E884)9044.24.25526.52.9
Slipping and tripping (E885)124.40.783.60.4
Fall unspecified (E888)4731.71.46031.92.8
Injury by fire (E890–E899)81.80.651.80.3
Heat injury (E900)40.20.320.10.2
Injury by plants or animals (E905–E906)172.11.4161.51.4
Injury by lightning (E907)
Non-recreational drowning (E910.3)101.30.840.40.4
Injury by falling object (E916)265107.314.311042.66.7
Injury by being caught between objects (E918)145.00.8102.50.8
Injury by machinery (E919)486160.229.618060.511.9
Injury by cutting or piercing instruments or objects (E920)227.81.3157.10.8
Injury by explosion of pressure vessel (E921)61.70.461.20.5
Injury by firearms (E922)305.32.2142.21.2
Injury by explosive material (E923)5515.53.6135.60.7
Injury by hot substances (E924)183.31.381.40.7
Injury by electric current (E925)13547.77.96827.64.0
Homicide (E960–E969)165.80.976.20.1
War (E990–E999)100.30.920.10.2