Table 2

Excess mortality from diseases with other occupational causes: men aged 20–74 years, England and Wales, 1979–2000

Cause of death (ICD-9 code)Exposure1979–80, 1982–19901991–2000
Deaths observedDeaths expectedExcess deaths per yearDeaths observedDeaths expectedExcess deaths per year
Viral hepatitis (070)Hepatitis B infection143.
Cancer of oral cavity (141, 143–145)Alcohol11742.66.811035.37.5
Cancer of pharynx (146–148)Alcohol7130.83.76728.23.9
Cancer of liver (155)Alcohol11269.13.912581.84.3
Cancer of larynx (161)Alcohol11945.46.710036.16.4
Other alcohol-related diseases (303, 305.0, 425.5, 535.3, 571.0–571.3, E860.0, E860.1)Alcohol458125.430.2449186.026.3
Cirrhosis (not specified as biliary) (571.5)Alcohol24380.914.717072.09.8
Pancreatitis (577.0, 577.1)Alcohol4533.61.03231.40.1
Non-melanoma skin cancer (173)Sunlight5946.41.14130.31.1
Urothelial cancer (188, 189.1–189.8)Aromatic amines173166.30.612398.92.4
Cancer of scrotum (187.7)Mineral oils247.21.572.00.5