Table 1

Excess mortality from occupational exposure to dusts and fumes: men aged 20–74 years,* England and Wales, 1979–2000

Cause of death (ICD-9 code)Exposure1979–1980, 1982–19901991–2000
Deaths observedDeaths expectedExcess deaths per yearDeaths observedDeaths expectedExcess deaths per year
Coal workers' pneumoconiosis (500)Coal mine dust94285.649849.8
Asbestosis (501)Asbestos28125.633133.1
Peritoneal cancer (158.8, 158.9)Asbestos17690.97.716892.27.6
Pleural cancer (163)Asbestos1472766.564.11485822.666.2
Silicosis (502)Silica dust16314.8505.0
Tuberculosis (010–018, 137)Silica dust6029.62.82010.70.9
Other pneumoconiosis (503, 505)Various24422.2989.8
Byssinosis (504)Textile dust393.560.6
Farmers' lung disease (495.0)Spores in mouldy hay666.0343.4
Other and unspecified extrinsic allergic alveolitis (495.1, 495.3–495.9)Various70.90.631.00.2
Sino-nasal cancer (160)Leather dust, wood dust4221.51.93213.91.8
Pneumonia excluding bronchopneumonia (480–483, 486)*Metal fume11847.96.410458.84.5
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (491, 492, 496)Coal mine dust, silica dust, metal fume69375048.3171.735522726.382.6
Asthma (493)Various146114.22.913686.94.9
  • * Deaths for pneumonia and metal fume are at ages 20–64 years.