Table 2 Presence of baseline host characteristics and their association with incident work-related lower respiratory symptoms and work-related rhinoconjunctivitis symptoms
Study cohort at inceptionSubjects with incident work-related lower respiratory symptomsp Value*Subjects with incident work-related symptoms of rhinoconjunctivitisp Value*
No (%)No (%)No (%)
Atopy104 (34.9)6 (46.2)0.388 (42.1)0.49
Physician-diagnosed asthma56 (18.8)6 (46.2)0.012 (10.5)0.34
BHR57 (19.2)6 (46.2)0.012 (10.5)0.37
PC20 ⩽16 mg/ml†
Non-work-related respiratory symptoms49 (16.4)4 (30.8)0.151 (5.3)0.17
Non-work-related symptoms of RC101 (33.9)7 (53.9)0.124 (21.1)0.22
  • *p value in χ2 analysis comparing cases (with incident symptoms) with referents within the cohort; †n = 297 for methacholine bronchial challenge test.

  • BHR, bronchial hyper-responsiveness; PC20, provocative concentration causing a 20% decrease in forced expiratory volume in one second; RC, rhinoconjunctivitis.