Table 5

Systemic sclerosis×exposure, systemic sclerosis×sector of activity and systemic sclerosis×occupation associations generating a signal with the PRR pharmacosurveillance method

Systemic sclerosis cases
No. of casesNo. of centresYears of signal
Exposure (INRS/CNAM code)
31146Hard metal dusts322006–2007
48000Temperature conditions552006–2007
Sector of activity (NAF code)
251Rubber industry332007
453FInstallation of heating and air conditioning equipment332005–2007
452BConstruction of miscellaneous buildings662003–
502ZVehicle repair and maintenance442006
Occupation (CITP88 code)
321Life sciences and health technicians322007
821Machine operators, mineral and metal processing442005–2007
823Machine operators, manufacture of rubber and plastic products652003–2007
914Building caretakers, window and related cleaners442007
932Labourers in manufacturing industries332006
7136Plumbers and pipe-fitters442003–2005
  • CNAM , Caisse Nationale d'Assurance Maladie; INRS, Institut National de Recherche et Sécurité; NAF, Nomenclature des Activités Françaises; PRR, proportional reporting ratios. Data are from the 30 university hospital centres. Sample includes all occupational health reports. No. of centres, number of occupational disease consultation centres which supplied the reports; Years of signal, years when the emerging signal was reported.